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Take the Pressure off Your Heart

Take the Pressure Off Your Heartby Robert E. Kowalski

Book Excerpt:

The Blood Pressure Cure, 5 Secret Weapons – Weapon #2: Grape Seed Extract

Referring to MegaNatural®-BP, Dr. Kowalski states:

“… reason is a specially formulated GSE that concentrates specific isolate that has the greatest blood pressure-lowering potency.”

“… At least one study has shown that ordinary GSE does not have a blood pressure-lowering effect.”

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Saving Women’s Hearts

Saving Women's Heartsby Martha Gulati and Sherry Torkos

Book Excerpt:

Chapter 7: Nature’s Pharmacy

“MegaNatural BP has shown promise for the management of high blood pressure. Preliminary research shows that this extract can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in those with elevated blood pressure without any adverse effects. The recommended dosage is 150 to 300 mg daily.”

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The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicineby Sherry Torkos

Book Excerpt:

The Natural Pharmacy: Dietary Supplements, Herbal Remedies, and Branded Ingredients

“Grape Seed Extract: A patented form of grape seed extract sold as MegaNatural BP has been shown in clinical studies to reduce blood pressure and improve blood vessel flexibility.”

Common Health Concerns and Conditions: Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

“Flavonoids:…There is some evidence that they can help reduce atherosclerosis. Those that have been researched include… MegaNatural BP (grape seed extract).”

Common Health Concerns and Conditions: High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

“Polyphenols:…MegaNatural BP, a patented form of grape seed extract (dosage: 150-300 mg daily)….”

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