New cholesterol treatment guidelines are a huge opportunity for nutraceuticals industry

February 12th 2019
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New cholesterol treatment guidelines are a huge opportunity for nutraceuticals industry

Polyphenolics President James A. Kennedy, Ph.D. has been interviewed several times by industry media about the nutraceutical opportunities created by The American Heart Association’s’ newly released cholesterol treatment guidelines. The guidelines have many people alarmed by the AHA’s focus on treating heart disease with drugs without adequately addressing underlying lifestyle and nutrition factors.

Yet, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the possible side effects of a drug-based approach to heart health, and what these may mean to their overall wellness. “This is a huge opportunity for the industry to step in and provide people with what they are looking for, which is a natural, broad-spectrum approach to heart health without the side effects,” Kennedy told Nutraceuticals World.     

While statins can dramatically reduce blood cholesterol levels, Kennedy told NutraIngredients-USA Deputy Editor Hank Schultz: “For me, it’s about lifestyle first. It just struck me as odd that here is a group concerned about our heart health and they were pretty much exclusively recommending drugs.” In his article, Schultz reported that grape seed extracts have been researched for their benefits in ameliorating cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Clinical studies verify MegaNatural® grape seed extract is effective
With respect to grape seed extract and its combination products, Kennedy stated there is mounting clinical evidence indicating that it can be effective at reducing cholesterol levels – particularly LDL – and other indicators of cardiovascular health including triglyceride levels. “Consumers with elevated heart disease risks, such as those heading toward metabolic syndrome, should definitely be taking a grape seed extract or a grape seed extract-containing supplement.”

But not all grape seed extracts are the same. “Clinical studies show that not all grape seed extracts are effective. Some may be adulterated while others are focusing on the wrong component,” said Kennedy. MegaNatural® grape seed extract is clinically proven to lower and maintain blood pressure within a healthy range, with no known side effects.1-3 In addition, when taken alone or in combination with other well-researched ingredients, it is clinically proven to manage the inflammation and cholesterol known to impact endothelial health and vascular pathways.

“Western medicine has a tendency to treat symptoms without focusing on the root cause, including changing behaviors that are the bottom-line cause of disease,” Kennedy pointed out. “A healthy diet plus physical activity are the keys to a healthy life.”

Kennedy’s overall message to the nutraceuticals industry is that this is an opportunity to expand our role in supporting heart health. “The new AHA guidelines should prompt all of us to evaluate how well we are serving the public with natural tools that provide measurable benefits.”  

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