We’re Polyphenolics

Our product line is traceable, transparent and trusted.

As a Division of California Natural Color / E.&J. Gallo Winery, Polyphenolics has access to an abundant supply of fresh wine grapes, grown in California’s Central Valley, and retains complete control over the entire manufacturing process – from the initial wine grape selection to the final extraction of finished material. The company goes beyond federally mandated traceability requirements, documenting all aspects of growing, treating and handling of the varietal grapes. Through painstaking supply chain documentation and laboratory testing, Polyphenolics can substantiate freshness, identity, domestic origin, and absence of chemical contaminants and genetic modification.

Not all grape seed extracts are created equal.

Since our beginning in 1996, Polyphenolics has worked diligently at researching methods and developing the science behind our MegaNatural® grape seed extracts. We filed patents worldwide and they were accepted. We created effective, condition-specific products, like MegaNatural®-BP to maintain healthy blood pressure, and MegaNatural®-GL to maintain healthy blood sugar and they have been clinically shown to work. MegaNatural® grape seed extracts are now included in formulations targeting heart health, sports nutrition, blood pressure maintenance, blood sugar maintenance, and various prevention lines for men and women from some of the most successful supplement companies in the world.

Comparing Polyphenolics’ grape seed extract with other grape seed extract is like comparing…. Well, you get the picture.

What Differentiates MegaNatural® Grape Seed Extract From Others?

  • Four US Patents Issued
  • World-Wide Patents Granted
  • Unique Composition
  • Original Research
  • Clinically Shown
  • Condition-Specific
  • 100% California-Grown Grapes
  • 100% Pure Grape Seed Extract
  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Hot Water Extracted
  • Relentlessly Tested
  • FDA No-Objection GRAS