The Advantage

Grape seed extracts abound. Yet only MegaNatural®-BP delivers all of the following advantages:


  • Clinically researched
    MegaNatural®-BP is backed by two placebo-controlled human clinical trials showing it supports blood pressure within the normal range.* Importantly, additional research shows that commonplace grape seed extract does not have the same effect.
  • U.C. Davis-associated
    MegaNatural®-BP has the exclusive privilege of being associated with the Department of Preventive Cardiology at U.C. Davis, where researchers have conducted several clinical and in vitro studies on the ingredient.


  • Structurally unique
    By investing heavily in research that identifies and “captures” the molecular structures within grape seed shown to provide specific health benefits, Polyphenolics has developed a grape seed extract that is structurally unique, providing 90-95% total polyphenols — the biologically active constituents.
  • Improved bioavailability
    Because MegaNatural®-BP is selectively extracted to include a higher percentage of lower molecular weight polyphenols, it has improved bioavailability and greater absorption compared to other grape seed extracts.


  • Vertically integrated
    As a division of California Natural Color and E. & J. Gallo Winery, Polyphenolics has access to an abundant supply of quality U.S.-grown grapes and maintains total control over the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to final extraction.
  • Environmentally friendly
    The relationship between Polyphenolics and its parent company results in a uniquely sustainable model of agriculture wherein all parts of the grape are utilized. The grape juice is used to make wine, the unfermented grape seeds are used to manufacture MegaNatural®-BP and the grape skin and pulp provide the raw materials for producing MegaNatural® GSKE Grape Pomace Extract.


  • Non-toxic, Non-clastogenic
    MegaNatural®-BP has been the subject of two published safety studies: a three-month oral toxicity study in rats and a high-dose clastogenic study in mice (clastogens are substances that cause damage to chromosomes). MegaNatural®-BP was shown to be non-toxic and non-clastogenic.
  • GRAS (generally recognized as safe)
    After submitting the above safety studies to FDA, MegaNatural®-BP received No-Objection GRAS status, making it safe for use in foods, medical foods and beverages, in addition to dietary supplements.
  • Free of Side Effects
    Clinical studies confirm MegaNatural®-BP is free of side effects, making it a safe and reliable option for people looking to maintain blood pressure within a healthy range.*
  •  Relentlessly tested
    Every lot of MegaNatural®-BP is rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants to ensure purity and safety.
  • Chemical-free
    MegaNatural®-BP is manufactured through a patented hot-water-based extraction process, without any traces of toxic chemicals or solvents in the final ingredient.
  • Safe History
    Millions of MegaNatural®-BP capsules have been sold in the market for the past five years, providing further evidence of its safety.


  • 100% water-soluble
    MegaNatural®-BP is 100% water-soluble, so it can be easily added to functional beverages without dissipating out of solution.
  • Highly consistent
    The consistency of every batch of MegaNatural®-BP is verified through specialized HPLC testing, the accepted protocol for measuring polyphenol profiles. Consistent activity guarantees consistent results.


  • Nationally recognized
    MegaNatural®-BP is the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2010 North American Product Differentiation Excellence of the Year Award, “in recognition of Polyphenolics’ sharp focus on research and development, technological process innovation, and associations with major research organizations and universities resulting in a strikingly differentiated grape seed extract.”
  • Intellectually protected
    MegaNatural®-BP is protected by a portfolio of intellectual property, including four patents — a production flow process patent (U.S. patent No. 6,544,581), a method of use patent (U.S. patent No. 7,651,707) a composition patent (U.S. patent No. 7,767,235), an exclusive production process patent (U.S. patent No. 8,075,929), and a trademarked brand name. Several patents have also been issued worldwide. This portfolio clearly differentiates MegaNatural -BP from commodity grape seed extracts.