Polyphenolics featured prominently in vertical integration article

June 7th 2017
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Polyphenolics vertical integration article

Polyphenolics featured prominently in vertical integration article

Polyphenolics’ robust system of supply chain controls, which exist from vineyards to finished ingredients, was cited in this Nutra-Ingredients-USA and NutraIngredients (EU) special edition article about how vertical integration can combat adulteration within the dietary supplement industry.

Weaknesses in America’s botanical ingredient supply chain, including unreliable testing and audits, can result in intentionally adulterated materials finding their way into consumer products. In addition to stronger testing and audit protocols, “another way to deal with this issue,” confirms writer Hank Schultz, “is to source botanicals from vertically integrated companies.” Polyphenolics is one such company.  

Schultz describes Polyphenolics as, “the house that grapes built” referencing the fact that Polyphenolics founded the grape seed extract ingredient category. Polyphenolics is a division of wine giant Constellation Brands.

In the article, Polyphenolics President James Kennedy, PhD, describes how the company used science to build demand for grape seed extract. He credits Polyphenolics’ staff scientists, led by recently retired Dr. Anil Shrikhande, for discovering the health properties contained within grape seed extract. The article notes, “Along the way, the company patented several different varieties of grape seed extracts, all with different molecular profiles and targeted toward specific conditions.”

Schultz confirms that peanut skin extracts “have been showing up as an adulterant in ostensible grape seed extracts.” This results in low levels of the active grape seed extract compounds.

Kennedy told Schultz, “In Polyphenolics’ case, the company has a highly robust system of supply chain controls based on the management of grapes for wine and grape juice production.” To which Schultz commented, “Obviously, the provenance of the grapes is THE key quality parameter for premium wine and juice varieties.”

Kennedy further describes the work Polyphenolics has done to protect the integrity of, and science supporting, its patented ingredients. “Having that vertical integration is important for us from an authenticity standpoint,” he told Schultz. “There is a lot of opportunity to adulterate grape seed extracts, and you have to be a pretty well-trained chemist to spot it.”

Polyphenolics is a leader in traceable, transparent and trusted ingredients. Watch a short video about its manufacturing process to learn about the steps Polyphenolics takes to earn that trust.   


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