MegaNatural®-BP featured in Baltimore

February 5th 2010

MegaNatural®-BP featured in Baltimore

Noted medical journalist Robert E. Kowalski talked about natural ways to fight hypertension on WBAL TV 11 Sunday News. Kowalski recommends a diet rich with potassium, constant monitoring of blood pressure, and grape seed extract.

“There is a grape seed extract that concentrates the isolates that’s been found to lower blood pressure,” Kowalski said. “By doing this you will see another, in one study an eight point drop and another study a 12 point drop, in blood pressure.” Kowalski is referring to the two clinical tests conducted by cardiovascular researchers at the University of California Davis that studied the effects of MegaNatural®-BP. No other grape seed extract has been proven to have the same results.

Kowalski received his Master of Science degree in physiology and journalism from Iowa State University and authored six books, including The Blood Pressure Cure: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure Without Prescription Drugs.