Polyphenolics contributes to Nutraceuticals World’s trend article

May 1st 2017
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Polyphenolics contributes to Nutraceuticals World’s trend article

Polyphenolics contributes to Nutraceuticals World’s trend article

There’s a robust market for heart-health supplements. Nutraceuticals World Editor Sean Moloughney recently invited Polyphenolics President James Kennedy, PhD for his insights about this thriving industry segment. Kennedy was one of several top nutraceutical leaders to contribute to this in-depth feature article.

Moloughney noted that, “The market for heart health supplements is about $2.5 billion according to Nutrition Business Journal.” He added that, “among the top condition-specific products consumers purchase, 40% are to help maintain healthy blood pressure.”

Kennedy is encouraged by this statistic. “There is a huge need to teach the general population about the importance of taking proactive measures to take care of their heart, such as taking supplements,” he told Moloughney.

The article noted that Polyphenolics’ MegaNatural®-BP is a unique form of grape seed extract that has been clinically shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels within the normal range. “This helps support healthy vasodilation and blood flow,” commented Kennedy. Condition-specific formulations such as MegaNatural®-BP take the guesswork out of finding ingredients that work symbiotically to address heart health and having to take them all separately.

Kennedy has noted elsewhere that, “This market will evolve over the next 5-10 years. As we learn more about the role of diet and exercise in general well-being, as well as the underlying science that explains mechanistically why specific diets and exercise are beneficial, we will become more familiar with the dietary supplements that are beneficial. The true evolution will occur when we realize that plants and animals are individuals and that health will increasingly become an individual journey. For plants, individuality translates into variation in the concentration of compounds that have nutritional value.”

Kennedy concluded in the Nutraceuticals World article: “We all have individual susceptibilities to disease. The evolution will occur when our individually developed “health manuals” will have specific dietary recommendations that can be met with supplements [that are individually] formulated with your health in mind.”