Polyphenolics earns prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Excellence Award for its MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract

September 20th 2010
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Polyphenolics earns prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Excellence Award for its MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract

Honor given for the company’s best practices and accomplishments in the grape seed extract market.

Anil Shrikhande and Steve Kupina accept Award

According to Frost & Sullivan’s in-depth research and evaluation, Polyphenolics has differentiated its MegaNatural®-BP grape seed extract in a U.S. market that has been challenged with an influx of low-cost, sub-standard Asian grape seed extracts. The majority of these are inconsistent in quality without any proven biological effect.

Polyphenolics emerged as an industry leader for its sharp focus on research and development, its patented technological innovations, its ability to identify and target consumer needs, and its ability to achieve positive brand perception in the minds of trade and consumers. Polyphenolics has associated itself with the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine at UC Davis,where studies of MegaNatural®-BP’s effect on patients diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and pre-hypertension have produced promising outcomes.

Among Frost & Sullivan’s findings:

  • The company obtains 90 to 95% polyphenols in grape seeds through its unique, patented, hot water-based extraction process as opposed to using chemicals and solvents such as acetone. In addition, this unique process also ensures that, unlike most competing products, MegaNatural®-BP has no bitter aftertaste.
  • The consistent, high quality of the company’s grape seed extracts differentiates it from a majority of other market participants who sell generic grape seed extracts. As further evidence of the excellence of its patented production process, MegaNatural®-BP has also achieved GRAS status.
  • Polyphenolics co-brands with companies such as GNC, Inc. and The Vitamin Shoppe, and participates in promotional activities including TV, radio, print media and the Web. In addition, the company does not allow usage of lower dosage (in dietary supplements) than what has been prescribed by the UC Davis study for its MegaNatural®-BP products. This uncompromising attitude has enabled the company to position itself as a reliable producer and supplier of premium quality branded grape seed extracts.
  • MegaNatural®-BP is a branded ingredient that offers consumers an effective, beneficial and most importantly a natural solution for high blood pressure. A key differentiator is that MegaNatural®-BP has no side effects unlike traditional hypertension drugs.
  • Polyphenolics has been able to implement a “communication around science” strategy with great effect. Websites, press releases and medical writers have been just a few significant vehicles employed by Polyphenolics to maximize the company’s visibility. The company has been successfully reaching out to consumers through radio, publications, video, news releases and consumer magazines.

We are proud and honored by Frost & Sullivan’s third party recognition of our efforts and strategies,” said Anil Shrikhande, Ph.D., President of Polyphenolics. “We have an unwavering commitment to providing consumers with a superior product supported by extensive human clinical research. We wish to thank our employees, associates and those companies with which we co-brand and market for helping MegaNatural®-BP to have witnessed an approximate 50 percent growth over the last 18 months.”

The Frost & Sullivan Award will be presented during the organization’s 2010 Excellence in Best Practices Awards Banquet, November 16, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.

Polyphenolics, a division of California Natural Color and E. & J. Gallo Winery, manufactures, markets and sells ingredients for nutraceutical, functional and medical foods. For more information call (219) 243-9825 or visit www.polyphenolics.com

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