Hot tub therapy for high blood pressure?

December 19th 2011
CATEGORIES: Cardio Health

Hot tub therapy for high blood pressure?

Earlier this year, one of Britain’s largest hot tub retailers reported an uptick in spa sales after a study, conducted by the North American Sports Medicine Institute concluded that hot water therapy may lower blood pressure and improve circulation. While it is generally acknowledged that short, 10-minute stays in a hot tub or hot bath can temporarily lower blood pressure, you should proceed with caution.

The American Heart Association warns that people who are experiencing a hypertensive crisis (a quick and severe rise in blood pressure) should not attempt to lower their blood pressure by using a sauna or spa. Also, never go back and forth between cold water and hot tubs/saunas. This could have the opposite effect of increasing your blood pressure. And if your doctor has advised you to avoid moderate exercise, ask him or her if using hot tubs or saunas is safe for you.

Hot baths, spas and saunas help to decrease blood pressure by opening/relaxing the walls of blood vessels, a process known as vasodilation. A safe and more consistent approach to achieving a healthier blood pressure is by using MegaNatural®-BP grapeseed extract, which supports healthy blood vessel relaxation.

But if you should decide to use a spa or sauna, or to take a hot bath, just remember that the heat and alcohol are not a good combination. Be sure never to mix the two!