Article highlights how natural supplements help balance blood pressure

January 6th 2016
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balance blood pressure

Article highlights how natural supplements help balance blood pressure

Our body is comprised of intersecting systems which help us function at our best. When a system strays from its optimum level, an elevated temperature for example, it may impact our health. Significant changes, such as a high-grade fever, could cause significant harm. A Food Navigator article explored the use of natural supplements to help maintain our body’s systems. It shared how MegaNatural-BP’s clinically researched grape seed extract helps balance blood pressure by helping maintain normal levels, as well as supporting the natural lowering of blood pressure. This is especially important as recent studies have encouraged scientists to re-evaluate what defines a healthy blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a common concern, known to affect an estimated 90 million Americans. Recent studies, such as the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) and 25-year Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, have shown health benefits when blood pressure is reduced to 120/88 mm Hg, a level lower than previously thought. “We are finding that blood pressure levels that are only slightly elevated can lead to long-term consequences,” said Polyphenolics Vice President James Kennedy, Ph.D.

Kennedy explained that researchers are now re-evaluating the optimum blood pressure level. High blood pressure has been defined as 140/90, with prehypertension as between 120/80 and 139/89. “High blood pressure is starting to be redefined as anything over 120/80,” said Wayne Heidenreich, M.D., associate editor, Journal of Insurance Medicine. “This level and above has been associated with increasing risk of cardiovascular disease, and by this I mean not just heart disease but also stroke. Both of these can change your life.” Heidenreich added that research is starting to associate an imbalanced blood pressure with Alzheimer’s disease. “I would say that having good blood pressure is not only key to heart health, but also to brain health.”

Polyphenolics has extensively studied how its MegaNatural-BP grape seed extract supports the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels, as well as helps blunt the effects of prehypertension. MegaNatural-BP polyphenols help maintain the natural elasticity of healthy blood vessels. This helps balance blood pressure, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system. “Here we have an opportunity to supplement the diet with well-characterized natural ingredients for which we have data on vascular health,” added Kennedy.
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