What my visit to Constellation Wineries taught me about heart health

February 25th 2013
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What my visit to Constellation Wineries taught me about heart health

During the American Heart Association’s Heart Health Awareness Month, the topic of wine often comes up. Wine has long been touted for its heart health benefits, a concept fuelled by the French Paradox, and that is great news for wine enthusiasts like myself who like to enjoy a glass of wine. Numerous studies have found that moderate wine consumption can help raise HDL cholesterol, prevent clotting, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. The key is moderation, one drink for women and one to two drinks for men.


I recently had the opportunity to visit some of the Constellation Wineries in California to learn more about the art of wine making, and how to pair wine and food. This was an extraordinary experience! The vineyards were beautiful, and it was fascinating to learn first-hand the stages of the wine making process.

I found it particularly interesting that Constellation uses all of the vital parts of the grape for their nutritive and medicinal values. The juice is used for grape juice and wine; the seeds are used to make Polyphenolics’ MegaNatural-BP, a patented and clinically studied grape seed extract; and the grape skins and pulp are used to product grape pumice extract. It was great to see how the vital parts of the grapes can be utilized in so many ways.

As a pharmacist, I’m always concerned about the raw materials that go into a finished supplement. It was interesting to note that the company maintains total control over the entire manufacturing process for MegaNatural-BP, from raw material procurement to final extraction. This gives me confidence in the final product, and helps explain why researchers consistently use MegaNatural-BP when they want to examine the role that grape seed extract plays in the management of hypertension.


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