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June 19th 2017
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Polyphenolics Summer Newsletter

Letter from the President

I appreciate the different health awareness months because they remind us to take care of one another, as well as ourselves. In June, we observe both National Men’s Health Month and National Men’s Health Week (which took place June 12-18, 2017). Their purpose is to drive more awareness of preventable health problems affecting men and boys, and to encourage early detection of diseases.

It is no coincidence that both observances take place in June, when we also celebrate Father’s Day. The first National Men’s Health Week was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.1 During his address, Congressman Bill Richardson is quoted as saying, “Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue.”

Polyphenolics strongly supports the additional focus on men’s health, including such important concerns as high blood pressure, stroke and fitness/performance. This month’s communication includes important information and statistics, as well as examples of how our industry is contributing to improving men’s health.

James A. Kennedy, Ph.D.
President, Polyphenolics

Men’s Health Month

In the last 23 years since the first National Men’s Health Week was passed, the healthcare and nutraceutical industries have made significant strides in understanding and supporting men’s health issues.

Yet there is still more to do. According to Centers for Disease Control statistics compiled by the Men’s Health Network2, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching men’s health and wellness, men still die at higher rates than women from the top 10 causes of death including heart disease (24.5% in 2014) and stroke (4.2% in 2014).2 Click here to see more enlightening statistics.

To learn more about Blood Pressure Education, Stroke Awareness, fitness and how MegaNatural®-BP may help you meet your health and fitness goals, click here to read our May communication.

In our April issue, we shared how Stress Awareness may also play a major role in managing blood pressure and stroke risks. To read more, click here.

The Promise of MegaNatural®-BP

Fortunately, there is a natural way to help maintain blood pressure levels within a healthy range: polyphenols.* Naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and red wine, polyphenols are a class of phytonutrients that have been scientifically demonstrated to support cardiovascular health.* One of the largest natural sources of polyphenols is grape seed extract.3

MegaNatural®-BP is a patented grape seed extract with clinically shown benefits. In fact, three placebo controlled human clinical trials conducted by researchers at the Department of Preventative Cardiology, University of California Davis School of Medicine, have found that MegaNatural®-BP supports blood pressure within the normal range.*3-7

No other grape seed extract can say the same, since MegaNatural®-BP has a patented unique structure and composition.8 (U.S. patent No. 7,767,235).

Why MegaNatural®-BP may have an added benefit for men

Here’s something of interest to men. Not only has MegaNatural®-BP been clinically shown to support heart health by helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, but the mechanism by which it does this may be helpful in other areas of a man’s life. Namely, his love life.

MegaNatural®-BP a unique form of grape seed extract is an antioxidant that helps support endothelial function by maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels that are within the normal range.3,4 This helps support healthy vasodilation and blood flow.**3,4 This is likely one of the factors that GNC used to decide to include MegaNatural®-BP in their Men’s Staminol Ultra – Daily Male Performance Formula dietary supplement.

Another GNC men’s health formulation is MegaNatural<sup>®</sup>-BP grape seed extractUltra Mega Green Men’s Whole Food Enhanced Vitapak Program. Its packaging indicates that this blend is intended to provide heart, antioxidant, prostate and circulation support.* The product description specifically states that Ultra Mega Green Men’s contains clinically researched grape seed extract to support circulatory and heart health. MegaNatural®-BP is the grape seed extract used in this formulation.

For more information on men’s health, go to: www.menshealthnetwork.org.

For more information about Men’s Health Week promotions, contact: info@menshealthweek.org.

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Media Coverage


What is Polyphenolics’ brand story, and how can your story help your customers better market their products?

Since 1996, Polyphenolics has been realizing the health benefits of the grape. Polyphenolics is a science-driven organization that is focused on providing well understood functional ingredients to our customers that consider the needs of consumers.

Polyphenolics cares about people. We are part of the fabric of California agriculture and value the growers who are the ultimate source of our MegaNatural® products, and our employees who carefully oversee MegaNatural® product production. We understand the importance of health in the general population and when the CARDIA9 and SPRINT10 studies were published, we alerted the media about how MegaNatural® products may help.

Polyphenolics gets involved. The topic of adulteration has been a constant in recent headlines. Formulators are hard-pressed to find safe, traceable ingredients for use in dietary supplements. Polyphenolics’ MegaNatural® products are traceable, trusted and transparent. Polyphenolics can substantiate freshness, identity, domestic origin, and absence of chemical contaminants and genetic modification.


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*The material in this communication is intended to be of general information use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis or recommended treatments.

**These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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